Workshops and Lectures


I am available to come speak to your group about a variety of mental health topics. My top requested speaking topics include:

  • Oil & Water – how homeschoolers can get the most out of therapy
  • How to College – once you’re in, now what? The trends of my most successful students.
  • Play, Powerful Play — not just a frivolous act, play is essential to our development!
  • For other topics, please inquire at

Art Workshops – Training for Therapists

I offer 4-week long art workshops for therapy students, trainees, and interns.

Participants will engage in a hands-on workshop that will teach specific art therapy techniques to help them become better therapists, interact with non-verbal clients, help clients express themselves, and add to their therapy tool-box!

This workshop is once a week, for four weeks. $25.00 per session. Materials are provided.

Hands-on Workshops

These are purely hands-on workshops, where we may talk but the focus is on learning the medium skill rather than processing therapeutic issues. I will provide the materials and instruction, and participants will be able to take home knowledge and a product.

Most requested workshops include:

  • Creating a vibrant journal (collage, paint, and other mixed-media techniques for spicing up your journal)
  • Journal Writing (creative prompts and ideas for daily writing)
  • Poetry Marathon (a specific type of poetry workshop that goes on and on and on!)
  • Artist Trading Cards (collage, painting & mixed media using a small format)
  • Found Poetry (using found words and letters to create unique works)
  • For other mediums or topics, please inquire at

Email for more information about scheduling Roya for talks and workshops.

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  • Elmarie

    Hi Roya,
    I work with homeschoolers all the time and I’m a homeschool mom myself. Feel free to check out my website above. I was wondering if the study you did about the mental health of homeschoolers and parents was available to read somewhere?

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