Homeschooling Resources
  • Homeschool Association of California – your first stop shop for all things homeschool in California.
  • Best Homeschooling – “the homeschooling gateway to the internet”
  • – a wonderful collection of writing about unschooling
  • An Exploratory Study on Homeschoolers and Mental Health – this is my Master’s thesis. A hundred-page document discussing the results of my national survey of grown homeschoolers and homeschooling parents. They were asked 175+ questions on depression, anxiety, happiness, attitude, and character strengths. There were over 1000 responses from all but 4 states. It’s quite a read, but here for you if you’d like!
  • Unschooling Mom2Mom – a friendly and supportive facebook group for unschooling support.
Healthy Living Resources
  • Sparkpeople – a free website that offers lots of tools, articles, videos and trackers for healthy living.
  • – a fantastic goal-achievement site and resource to help you live more “gamefully,” created by Jane Mcgonigal.
Other Mental Health Resources
**just a reminder, I am not responsible for any of the contents or views of these sites!**