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    “Reflections” and self research

    Self-Research Day Materials Used: “Reflections” poem by Henry Bobotek Large paper Painters tape markers First we read the poem “Reflections” which is a poem based on the author’s “preferences” (some lines include “I prefer tea I prefer myself when I listen, I prefer paperbacks”) During the 2nd reading, we asked the group to write 10 of their own preferences on the paper The point of this was to get everyone to start thinking about what they like, what makes them them – without too much discussion Then we hung up a large piece of paper for each person on the wall around the room, and did a rough outline of…

  • Creative Expressions, Art Therapy Blog

    Valentines Love Poems to Yourself

    This week’s Creative Expression post – great for Valentine Day: Writing a Love Poem to yourself using Found Words Materials we used: typed and printed words – from the love poems you are going to read. Have them cut up and in a tub/hat/bag. mod-podge cardboard scissors paint brushes (for the glue) pens paper Here’s what we did: 1. Read outloud “Love poem for Ernest Mann” by Naomi Shihab Nye 2. Read a few love poems from the Magnetic Poetry book 3. Asked each participant to think of 3 people, animals, or places they love 4. Write down three things that describe each of those 3 people/place/animal (so 9 characteristics…