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Looking for more ways to increase communication, connection, creativity, and confidence in your children and students? The Connecting with Art workshop will provide materials and information about how to use art to do just that. One day, 4 sessions – sign up for one, two, three or all four sessions to get the full experience…. Read Article →

One of the biggest reasons people don’t seek out therapy is because there is such stigma surrounding it. Welcome to May – National Mental Health Awareness Month! I sometimes even find myself, a counselor who genuinely believes in the benefits of therapy, justifying my own personal counseling. I catch myself saying things like “yes, I… Read Article →

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to about 50 parents about natural learning. We asked everyone to fill this worksheet out as a way to continue their inner dialogue and thought process about their priorities for their children. The idea is that — you have things you will want your children to learn,… Read Article →

Here’s what I want you to do today. ┬áPrint this blog, or get a piece of paper and a pen.┬áSet a timer for 15 minutes. For 15 minutes, write down every single little random funny bit about why you “heart” yourself, and every big deep emotional philosophical reason as well. No stopping. No editing. You… Read Article →

It’s visualization time, everyone. Ignore the cars outside, the other browser screens, your text message buzz. Look at this picture for just a minute. I’ve actually been there, I took this photo. I’d like to share it with you as best as I can. Imagine, first, your feet. Springy on the soft, damp dirt. Sometimes… Read Article →

I am a member of a wonderful online discussion group called Always Learning. It’s for radical unschoolers, and people who want to learn from radical unschoolers about how to improve their relationships with their children, spouses, and themselves. It is an in-depth analysis of thought process, language use, and how these translate to relationships, parenting… Read Article →

Whether or not you are a performance artist with the ability to actually hang like this, I think we’ve all been here. What do you think she is thinking? Feeling? Suspended and trapped? Capable and strong? In the spotlight or in the dark? Maybe she is thinking about the path that brought her here, to… Read Article →

With valentine’s day still on my mind, I found this photo. It made me start thinking about relationships, nourishment, and what a person can do to feed love. Maybe a cheesy interpretation of a cheesy photo, but there you go. That is a real-live pancake made by yours truly many years ago. I think about… Read Article →

This has been one of my favorite love poems since I read it in my creative writing class at community college more than a decade ago. Maybe it’s because I am a klutz that I identified quickly. Upon further reading, the things to love about this poem add up… you know this person loves the… Read Article →

Shelter. What does that mean to you? It’s at the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – it’s a basic one, a roof over our heads. Protection. Take it metaphorically, now – protection from what? Take a minute, find a piece of paper or open a blog post or write an extra long facebook status… Read Article →

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