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breathing green

It’s visualization time, everyone. Ignore the cars outside, the other browser screens, your text message buzz. Look at this picture for just a minute. I’ve actually been there, I took this photo. I’d like to share it with you as best as I can.

Imagine, first, your feet. Springy on the soft, damp dirt. Sometimes small sticks break underneath your feet. Sometimes you sink in deeper. You watch for details. Tracks stay in this kind of wet earth. You can tell the history of this path just from looking. It makes you feel closer to the ground, closer to the green.

And oh, that green. Sometimes it takes you by surprise, all that green. It’s so much to look at, filling your eyes up and overflowing them like they’ve never been used before. But then, you start to look at the edges first, where the green meets the speckled yellow and brown of the path. You notice the plants sneaking out on their own. You see how some have spiked edges, some have thorns. They are different shades, your eyes adjust to see the details. See how the layers work, one on another on another. You can see the shadows and the spaces. You can see the difference between the plants that grow tall, straight, full of resistance and protection. You can see the plants that grow soft on the surface, the mosses and springy things.

Imagine your eyes relaxing, as you stand here, your limbs working better because of the oxygen spreading out to every last cell. Imagine lifting your face and closing your eyes and breathing in. The smells are damp, brown, plant, green, alive, full and deep. Your breathing slows. Each breath is potent. Your pulse calms. You have no rush. You don’t think about where you started, and you aren’t thinking about where this path leads. You are right here, now, mud and trees. Breathing deep.

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