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I am in the process of creating a goal workbook – something you’ll be able to use and really dive deep into. From time to time I will give you a little tidbit here. So here’s your first taste:

What you do with this – print it. Then do what it says. Don’t think. Just draw. What will it look like when you’ve accomplished your goal?

Here’s a little twist – have a significant other? Why don’t you both do it – without looking at the other’s drawing. Then take a look – what is the same? What’s different? What are the parts that stand out to each of you? What parts are vital, and what are extraneous? Now try doing one together, incorporating what is important to both of you.

That’s just a simple exercise to get the brain juices flowing. Accomplishing goals takes a lot, of thinking, doing, planning, acting, believing, trying, recuperating, recording…  but sometimes it just needs a little drawing to get it going.

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