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secret postcards

have you ever been to postsecret? I remember way back in the day waiting all week til they would refresh their blog and I could see a new batch.

The idea is that people around the world create a postcard with a secret on it, they mail it in, postsecret photographs and publishes them anonymously. People are brave, when they think no one knows who they are. They say things they wouldn’t normally tell another person. They admit anguishes, they admit prejudices. Ugly things come out, a lot. But so does beauty. Sometimes the secrets are just beautiful and touching and you can’t help but hope that they are going to take another step and tell someone.

I’ve loved postsecret for a long time. Tonight I am hoping that those people find that sharing their secrets is addicting, and that they find other people to express themselves to. That is one of the best things about therapy, really – is feeling like you can share everything and yet no one in your life knows. What a wonderful space to air out the inside of your head and heart without repercussions.

I love the idea of putting deeply intimate things on postcards and sending them out into the world. I do very similar things like that in my art therapy groups. There is a magical combination with postsecret – it’s not just sharing secrets, it’s also using an art medium to make them. The combination does something, releases something. Something that has affected millions of people.

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