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Homeschoolers and Mental Health

For my Master’s degree I spent a full year writing, collecting, analyzing and editing this project. I surveyed over 1000 homeschoolers from 48 different states. I asked them approximately 175 questions – including 5 mental health measurement tools. I measured depression, anxiety, happiness, character strengths and their attitude towards seeking professional therapy. In addition, I asked things about their income, religion, formal education, time spent using community resources, and what type of homeschooler they identified with the most. It was a fascinating amount of data, and one that I can’t wait to write more and more about.

With so much data, it will take me years to pull out little bits here and there and write understandable and relevant posts about it all. However, if you are interested in reading the  whole thesis, in it’s entirety, here it is! Rest assured, however – if reading 100+ pages doesn’t sound like a grand time, I will be writing more in smaller chunks.

An Exploratory Study on Mental Healthy and Attitude Towards Seeking Psychotherapy Among Grown Homeschoolers and Homeschooling Parents