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Valentines Love Poems to Yourself

This week’s Creative Expression post – great for Valentine Day: Writing a Love Poem to yourself using Found Words

Materials we used:

typed and printed words – from the love poems you are going to read. Have them cut up and in a tub/hat/bag.




paint brushes (for the glue)



Here’s what we did:

1. Read outloud “Love poem for Ernest Mann” by Naomi Shihab Nye

2. Read a few love poems from the Magnetic Poetry book

3. Asked each participant to think of 3 people, animals, or places they love

4. Write down three things that describe each of those 3 people/place/animal (so 9 characteristics in all)

5. Have participants copy those words a few more times, cut them up, add to the bucket of pre-cut words

6. Talk about themes of: Valentines Day, Relationships, Love (does not have to be with a significant other), self-love, self-care

7. Explain the concept of “found poetry” writing poems using words that already present themselves to you

8. Have everyone grab a handful of words, and modpodge them onto the cardboard

9. Share – themes that came up for us were:

loving ourselves/is this selfish?

how much power we give to other people when we are angry

inner critique trying to write poetry

how hard it is to value ourselves

whether self-love happens like turning on a light or if it is a process

Here’s what I did so you have a sample:

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