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Materials:CardboardMulticolored papermarkersacrylic paintmod podge/gluepaintbrushes Started out by having everyone paint a “canvas” – choosing a piece of cardboard and painting it with acrylics paints. Then we asked everyone to take a variety of small 3 x 5 (ish) pieces of paper in different colors, and we asked them these questions: We asked each individually, and… Read Article →

This week the theme was on our “journey.” We started out by reading the poem Wild Geese by Mary Oliver to set the mood for our group. Poetry By Mary OliverThe Journey One day you finally knewwhat you had to do, and began,though the voices around youkept shoutingtheir bad advice–though the whole housebegan to trembleand… Read Article →

This week’s focus was on the qualities of resilience that each individual has gathered/learned over the course of their life. We talk frequently about getting “gifts wrapped in shit” in the Creative Expressions group – that perhaps the circumstances were not ideal, however many of the characteristics we learned from them are essential to our… Read Article →

Self-Research Day Materials Used: “Reflections” poem by Henry Bobotek Large paper Painters tape markers First we read the poem “Reflections” which is a poem based on the author’s “preferences” (some lines include “I prefer tea I prefer myself when I listen, I prefer paperbacks”) During the 2nd reading, we asked the group to write 10… Read Article →

This week’s Creative Expression post – great for Valentine Day: Writing a Love Poem to yourself using Found Words Materials we used: typed and printed words – from the love poems you are going to read. Have them cut up and in a tub/hat/bag. mod-podge cardboard scissors paint brushes (for the glue) pens paper Here’s… Read Article →

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